Acorn Research Centre Network

Acorn Research Centre Network

Client: UWA

In 2018, UWA received grant funding (Woodside) for the installation of two HF radar units which form part of the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) which operates land-based ocean monitoring stations around Australia. This monitoring program is titled Australian Coastal Ocean Radar Network (ACORN) with the two research facilities located at Cape Range National Park, on beach front at Point Billie and the Jurabi Turtle Centre in the Exmouth / Ningaloo areas.

Shape Management was engaged initially to assist UWA with the delivery of these wo research facilities following previous unsuccessful design and procurement processes which resulted in significant project budget overrun.

The project involved the rationalisation of design, procurement and management of the installation of facilities to support the HF radar units and included:

  • Design and installation for cyclonic conditions;
  • Off grid infrastructure including a solar array and Tesla battery system;
  • Conditioned space for temperature control for electronic equipment;
  • Modular construction of research station, fabricated in Perth and transported to site;
  • Coordination of Aboriginal Monitors and liaison with DBCA and Shore representatives

The role has subsequently been extended to include facilities in Guilderton, WA and potentially two facilities in South Australia and another two in NSW.